Take Advantage of Wedding Photography Kent.
It is a hot new concept called "crowdsourcing" is actually a pretty old idea. Originally it was called that when you touch an infinite number of monkeys on an infinite number of typewriters were, they would eventually write all of Shakespeare's sonnets.

This new "crowdsourcing" approach suggests that instead of doing something a few professionals (writing stories, answer questions or take pictures), then would many amateurs do what you want. In theory, the latter is so many good things like the pros, but at almost no cost to produce.

So, what to do with weddings? Now, every wedding I go, everyone brings their camera. Whether their cell phones, point & shoots or $ 2000 SLR, take guests many, many pictures. We are a nation of addicts image these days and weddings are no exception. I often find myself in competition with everyone else for the position, cutting the cake, or to capture the first dance.

Most of these Wedding Photography Kent are taken when they are enjoyed and then forgotten. However, a considerable number are worth keeping. So use it for your own wedding.

Here's the plan: to have cards with instructions, an e-mail address and words to the affect that your guests should bring their favorite photos printed from your special day to you via e-mail. I call the ones I do not mean "Give Me Your Best Shot" cards.

You might end up with a lot of very nice pictures for your Facebook page. If you are lucky and a professional photographer who is willing to send your email to him or her forInclusion in your album or your web page.

A word of caution, do not tell your guests to send the pictures to your professional photographers. People tend to be intimidated by her as "snapshots" of a professional. So if you pro willing to work with the idea that you have the photos will be sent to you and then send them to integrate for inclusion in your album or website. This will also give you a chance to edit those embarrassing before anyone sees them.

Many professional photographers are not happy with this idea - it is a slap in the face from a focus of excellence. It is also more work. You can try to work with someone else really bad photos, but we professionals can not be everywhere during a wedding. Also, sometimes the right amateur-shot phone to make an album to see. If your photographer is uncomfortable with the thought, and they still get it on your Facebook page.

This leads me to a final proposal to make this work ... Follow-up! People's lives move on. During your wedding was one of the hallmarks of your life events, remember that everyone else has to live her own life. Send out reminder e-mails. Post early, you get on your Facebook page and encourage your friends to send them. Give a prize. Tweet about it. So do not let them off the hook and enjoy the fruits of crowdsourcing?
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